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Biggest Fashion Trends For 2018


With a new year comes new trends and popular styles and to keep you all in the loop I’ll be covering the biggest fashion trends for 2018. After doing some research I’ve rounded up the 8 most relevant trends for this year. In order to help you include them in your 2018 wardrobe, I’ve linked examples from some of my favorite stores/brands. Enjoy the read! xx

1. All Things Lilac

Move over millennial pink, this 2018 it’s all about lilac! Purple tones are going to be HUGE this year, I’ve spotted it all over catwalks and I find it to be the perfect Spring/Summer color. I’m not a huge fan of purple tones so don’t know how much of this trend will be seen in my wardrobe, however,  this coat has stolen my heart!

2. Sequins & Sparkle

2018 is the year to let your diva out full throttle and wear sequins and sparkles for any occasion! Honestly I love sparkly anything and can’t get enough of the KiraKira app, so this trend is right up my lane.

3. Florals for Spring, Groundbreaking

I think we’ve seen this trend in all sizes and colors, but this year think big floral prints inspired by the 70’s. I love the feminine touch floral print adds to an outfit, like this shirt.

4. Check-mate

Check print made a sneak peek last year, but it seems we’ll be seeing it a lot more this 2018. I’ll be making some space in my wardrobe for this blazer and these pants.

5. Fringe-y

I’m so excited fringes are making a comeback this year! This trend gives me major festival vibes (think Coachella), this sweater and jacket are a must-have!

6. Polka Dots

Polka dots is one of those easy prints to add to our wardrobe like stripes. I find polka dots to be such a fun print, add a bold red lip to this dress and you’re good to go!

7. Dark Denim

If you, like me, are a 90’s kid then you’ll probably remember those dark denim jeans and jackets we used to wear.  Well, dark denim is back this year and this top is already in my wishlist!

8. Scrunchies

Yes, you read that correctly, scrunchies seem to be making a comeback this year. Seems like in fashion what goes around truly comes back around. Scrunchies are a huge throwback for me (again, if you’re a 90’s kid you’ll know), I don’t know whether to be excited or confused. On a positive note, they are the best to tie your hair with and not leave a mark!

Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I’m curious to know, what do you think about these trends? Will you be shopping any of these this year??




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